The Only Way To Stop Marketing Burnout

Carolina Chanis
Sep 2
“The algorithm is punishing me”

“I want to get off the rat race of creating content 24/7”

“I hate doing all this work just to get 1 click and 5 likes”

“All the marketing guru advice sounds really scammy and spammy to me”

“I hate documenting and putting all the details of my personal life out there for authenticity points”

I agree that all can happen and it sucks.

But, focusing on that is not how you end up building your own lane, becoming your own category, and doing things your way.

What if we looked at the real causes of our burnout instead?

Is your content marketing built so it suits you? Or are you doing what you think is going to get you success?

Are you making the most out of your content? Or do you spend a ridiculous amount of time working on one essay, one post, one Twitter thread?

Do you know how to bring your intuition/inner guidance into your business? Or are you compulsively clicking on every link that promises surefire ways to become viral (all bullshit, btw)?

Are you suffering from FOMO and jumping on trends without thinking…WHY?

When you create content, are you aware of the energy that you are putting behind your posts? 

Do you believe your online presence is a house of cards and it will all fall apart if you go on a break?

As solopreneurs and content creators, embracing the duality of social media marketing is the best thing we can do for our mental health and our business.

Yes, the amount of content that is created every second is overwhelming. BUT, you don’t need to do things that are out of integrity and that create an energy deficit.

There’s 5 billion people on the internet right now, you only need to attract a handful and social media is the best way to be found.

Yes, scammy marketing works. BUT, these strategies are short-lived. Theirs is the real rat race and the house of cards. They require more pressure tactics, more ways to scare people into buying. Eventually - everyone gets fed up and sees through the illusion.

A business that is built and promoted in alignment with your uniqueness doesn’t feel gross and exhausting. For instance, funnels are not evil. It’s just a tactic. It’s the execution (the how) that can be questionable.

One of the reasons we lose perspective and fall into these traps is that we don’t spend enough time thinking about the relationship between our real-life selves and our online selves.

They are related, but not the same. Your online self is how you intentionally package your real-life self so you can be seen for the thing you want to offer to the world.

If you are clear on that, you don’t spend time bitching about the algorithm and wondering when is the best time to post or if 10 hashtags is better than 30 hashtags.

If you are clear on that, people will devour your content. And not just any person, but the right person, the one who will be eager to hire you to solve their problems.

If you are clear on the dynamics between real-life you and online you...and if you have some marketing basics under your belt, you will instinctively know how to put a strategy together that leverages your uniqueness.

This month, I am launching a group program so you can get clarity on this foundation piece for your business. My methodology is an exploration of archetypes combined with marketing strategy - if you want to learn more about the archetypes and how they are manifesting in your business, I got a quiz for you!