When Your Inner Voice says You Don't Have a Business Mind

Carolina Chanis
This was one of the visibility blocks mentioned during the Masterclass on Sep 13.

Because the blockage is the thought that one does not have a business mind...marketing becomes a chore, or something we don't even like to think about.

It only gets more frustrating when you see other people showing up all messy in their feeds and everyone is loving it 😂

This thought could be coming from a wound in the Maiden, for example, growing up with the message that "business is a man's world" can lead you to internalize that the grunt work of running a business is not for you. Or, you have the idea that Marketing is Salesforces and fancy dashboards and you don't even have a scheduler...or a hashtag strategy 😛

It could be so many things, but we didn't have time to go deeper with the belief! So, I pulled a card...

The card that I pulled when thinking about this comment was THE SELF.

The Self card says:

When Light: witnessing, accepting new aspects of self
When Dark: disjointed, fatigued, diffused energy and purpose

This card is challenging you, my friend, to expand the vision you have of your Self and include the business woman identity. 

Decide that everything you do is the decision of a business woman...one that is also a Mystic, a Dreamer...a busy mom who doesn't have time to learn a fucking choreography for a reel. Who says that is not a thing? Of course it is. You are it! 

You are not a grey business suit. You are a motherfucking rainbow of possibility! And whatever you choose to do in your business and marketing, it is coming from a business mind! You are getting paid, you are offering your services, you are legit! Done! 

My invitation is to pay attention to the times you feel your energy is diffuse. 

That's when you forget your Self and start believing that having a business mind is all the things you are not. (That would be an interesting journaling exercise, what is having a business mind?) 

When you are thinking of your marketing, witness yourself thinking of your marketing. What is making you feel constricted? Expansive? Play with the expansion, even if it doesn't make sense. Especially if it doesn't make sense.