When your Maiden is censored by the tall, imposing Sage

Carolina Chanis
This was shared by one of the participants at the Masterclass on Sep 13 - what came up for her was that her Maiden could not connect with the tall, imposing Sage.

I felt this...for most of my life, my Maiden was not allowed to play because the Sage had the final say in everything...and the shadow of my Sage is a back-breaking tyrant that doesn't want the Maiden to feel joy UNLESS she works for it.

One of the things I offered in the moment was to start thinking about a constructive dialogue these two archetypes could have.

They need each other. The Sage needs the Maiden to take inspired action and the Maiden needs the Sage because otherwise she'd be stuck in La la land.

However, it seems that the Sage has forgotten this exchange, and has put a wall to forget.

The Sage is here to help us build. But she is not here to direct the creative aspects of our work. That's the Maiden's role. She needs to be able to blurt out all the ideas, and she needs a compassionate Sage on her side to have discernment and implement.

The card I pulled for this situation was THE OFFERING.

When Light: Generosity, donation, volunteering 
When Dark: giving with expectation, keeping track 

This card is blowing my mind right now. 

So here's an experiment. 

For 1 day, convince the Sage that it is MAKE THE MAIDEN THE CEO DAY.

The Sage is not allowed to act in its usual ways like: 
having little patience with the Maiden because She expects perfect answers and perfect planning 
keeping track of all the nonsense the Maiden thinks just to throw it back at her later 

INSTEAD, the Sage is a cog in the wheel that day, and She is going to be the Maiden's assistant. 

She's going to lower her sword and is going to respond in her best UNCONDITIONAL, loving customer service voice, how can I help you? 

How would the Maiden show up on her CEO day? 

Let her run wild. 

It's only a day. You're not gonna burn the house down 😁.