Stuck between the Maiden and Huntress in your Marketing

Carolina Chanis
This comment is from a participant in the Sep 13 Masterclass.

She says her current branding is not matching her archetype signature, which is Huntress dominant.

Now, this may or may not be true, as I know this friend of mine also has a lot of Maiden energy.

The question is, WHERE in your Marketing do you want to see the Huntress?

We have words, images, video. We have social media platforms, your emails, website, etc.

In my business, my Huntress is alive in my WHY. She's not what I invoke when I think about my visuals, which right now looks like the Maiden playing with all her dark fantasies of pissing off the Sage and every single adult that taught her about being "proper".

The card I pulled for my friend is THE VOW.

When Light: bearing witness to the shift toward destiny 
When Dark: unconscious vows, unkept promises, messy karma 

This card is all about the promises we make, consciously or unconsciously. 

The invitation is this...

What are the vows you made to yourself when you started this business? Do you need to revise these? Perhaps this is why you feel the Maiden doesn't represent you need to thank her, write new vows, and move to the next level. 

What are the vows that you made to your clients? Are you neglecting some of those vows? Could you do...more? This would be a good place for your Huntress energy, as she is a fierce advocate of women. 

The idea is to choose to recommit to your vows or give them closure. Whichever you choose, play with it in the form of religious ritual. 

Perhaps you need to symbolically sacrifice the Maiden with a change of outfits. 

Perhaps you need to invoke the Huntress through a ritual, a mantra, just before you go Live...or record a Reel...

Or, you may need to recruit your imagination and intuition and ask the Maiden and Lover for clarity. If you don't know what your Huntress wants, ask the Maiden and the Lover to help you. Play. Experiment and be aware of how your body feels - that is your truth.