How to launch as a Generator with a 3-60 line

Carolina Chanis
Thoughts on being a Generator with a 3-60 line 

  • Resting is non-negotiable 
  • I probably need more rest than is socially acceptable 
  • Melancholy is an invitation to slow down. Something is about to burst (psychologically speaking) and my body is already letting me know. 
  • I probably need to celebrate more than what my inner Boomer is telling me is "reasonable"

It doesn't matter whether or not Human Design is "real". 

I am wired this way, I've always been this way, but I've never accepted it because it goes against every definition of hard work, hustle and success I was taught. 

The week before I officially launched, I went to a retreat and did nothing but meditate and be in Sisterhood and release some stuff to the fire. It gave me the energy surge that helped me have all the pieces ready to start promoting. 

The week before the Masterclass, I went to Montreal for 4 days and did nothing but eat, drink and meet people. I also set a bar on fire. It gave me an energy surge that carried me through the last minutes before the Masterclass. 

Maybe I just need to set things on fire every stage of the launch lol. 

But things went a bit south after the Masterclass. 

I did nothing last week after the Masterclass was over, and even started to worry if this is looking like the last time that I burned out after the Masterclass and didn't have it in me to push for the Mastermind. 

I know it's not. 

I was extremely sleep deprived last week and haven't fully recovered. 

Then yesterday (Monday) I had an emotionally intense day. It was beautiful though. Mondays are for feelings anyway. It was worth going through it (which had nothing to do with my business, at least not directly) to realize that I shouldn't worry too much about calling in my people. 

I unconsciously attract them. It's the story of my life. I am minding my own business being my weird ass self and they just seem to get on the ride. 

So, my job is not to stress out about finding my people. 

My job is to keep creating the spotlight on me, and trust that however I choose to do it is the right way. 

I used to stress out about this. Being too much, too aggressive, blunt, or even too dark. But ALL ALONG THE WAY I've met people. Even when I didn't know WTF I was doing! 

So, imagine, now that I have that clarity, all I need to do is show up!

But first, I'm going to take a nap.