It's been 35 days! How's it going so far - IMPRESSIVE

Carolina Chanis
I did a bit of math and based on number of followers on Instagram (where I am the most active) and the subscribers in both the freebie and the Masterclass the conversion rate is 1.5% and 0.8% respectively. 

That means, out of my current followers, about 1.5% took action to download the quiz and 0.8% signed up for the class. 

Is it impressive? 

Yes and No. 

Let's start with the No: 

  • These percentages don't mean a lot since I can't really say that 100% of these people came BECAUSE of my Instagram, but I can assume that my consistent posting somewhere on social media is working because how else would they know? :) 
  • These percentages are close to industry standard but could be better (2% is considered acceptable). 
  • I have no fucking clue about my Podia analytics because I haven't set it up (I could, I will, but also, that's not the deal breaker here). Next step would be knowing how many people are actually on the page and how many of those take action. 

Now, why I think this is impressive: 

  • Let's keep perspective on this. I'm new. At launching, coaching, and promoting. I only started the campaign on August 16, 2022. Today is September 20th. It's been 35 days and I didn't post for 3 days so it's more like 33 days of being consistent on Instagram. 
  • Therefore, being close to the low end of the industry standard when I am starting to promote an entirely new concept (I am selling my unique approach) and I am also a nobody in the eyes of the Internet and the Cool Girls Coaching, yeah, that IS impressive. 
  • Let's keep in mind that in those 35 days I have spent at least 1 week doing nothing but partying 😛. That is impressive to me because the only motivation I used to have to get shit done was fear. And now I am doing things with a different energy. Look at me, hitting industry numbers (or close) while taking time off. 
  • I changed my damn branding half way through the campaign. I am impressed at my ability to pivot. I don't really "know" what I'm doing. I am just playing and it's working.  
  • If we can assume that most of the people from the Masterclass signed up for the Quiz first, we could say that about 57% of the Quiz people ended up in the Masterclass. That is pretty cool. 
  • Uhm, I've been doing it all on my own. So, fuck yeah, this is impressive. 

These numbers are not to torture myself or give myself a Pass or Fail grade. I am just having a lazy day and wanted to look at the numbers. Sometimes numbers can help you keep things in perspective (but only if you look at the numbers and put them in the context of your circumstances). 

What are the next steps? 

  • Since I am new, the most important thing to me right now is to keep validating the program and refine my messaging. This is going to do a lot more than worry about *mOrE LeAdS*
  • I also realize that I had to put in a solid month of effort to get people to download a Quiz and register for a Masterclass. To think that in two weeks I am going to be ready to launch a course is absolutely crazy. Therefore, I am extending the promo time so I can take my time to recover from the first half of this marathon and give myself time to show up really loud and bold in this second half. 
  • The Masterclass taught me that I would probably burn out if I tried to do something like this every week for 8 weeks straight. So, I am changing my original plan and will have a mix of pre-recordings and the live calls will be Ask me Anything style. 
  • I also want to give myself and everyone else time to let things sink in. So, I'm going to take longer and instead of cramming things in 8 weeks I will do a 10-week program. I am keeping the price point the same, which tells me that this launch will be even better than I expected because the offer and the pricing feels in alignment now. 
  • I am balancing the desire for people and the desire to serve and my desire to make more than $50 bucks (lol) and will keep the group small BUT for every 10 people who sign up, I will add another live call so everyone has time to ask questions. This means I will have a cap, and I will only take up to 30 people (which means, I will be doing Q&A three times a week). I'm not going to force you to pick a slot, this would be a nightmare to manage and rigid academic is not the vibe I am going for.